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Stop rushing your product sales salestool sales enablement marketing
Stop pushing your product and start pulling your weight We’ve all been there. Someone is aggressively trying to sell you something you don’t really need or want. They pretend to be reviewing your contract, conducting a survey on consumer habits or some other convoluted story that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re not beingContinue Reading
Public speaking courses are nothing compared to stand-up comedy
Public speaking courses are nothing compared to stand-up comedy   I used to get nervous before presentations in school. Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy. Too hot in my sweater already, breath smelling like cafeteria spaghetti. In my first few jobs I never had to give presentations, but had I given them, they would’ve beenContinue Reading
Marketing teams spend a lot of time, money and effort creating materials for sales teams to present. Somehow, those materials can still be the bane of a salesperson’s existence. If there is inadequate communication between sales and marketing, the materials end up not serving the needs of the people who must use them. Here areContinue Reading
Hello there, how is your day going?
I’m a graphic designer, working in part with sales and marketing. I’m used to dealing with graphic representations of data, but I’m still constantly surprised by how terrible most graphs are. Even when most graphs are made by people who have to read graphs all day, like salespeople, project managers, advertisers, researchers and so on.Continue Reading
I’m a graphic designer working with sales and marketing and I’ve seen my share of terrible slideshows, so this topic is near to my heart. While the success of a sales presentation usually depends on the performance of the person presenting the presentation, I personally prefer perusing materials. I’m one of those weird people whoContinue Reading
Change needs leadership. The responsibility for developing sales must rest on someone’s shoulders, or there will be no progress. Sales, like every field these days, is changing constantly and rapidly. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Customers’ needs change with the world, and salespeople’s methods can’t always keep up. If changing methods produces better results,Continue Reading
So, you’re thinking about a new sales tool for your organization. The benefits of a new sales tool can be great and just buying one is simple enough, but the real challenge is in its implementation. For a sales tool to be useful and effective, you want to get everyone on board and start usingContinue Reading
Business-to-business sales is a vast, everchanging field of opportunities and perils. If you don’t keep moving and react to changes in the field, you can quickly get stuck in the mud. Here are some common sales shortcomings we’ve come across, with tips for avoiding them. 1. Not listening to the customer Some salespeople are stillContinue Reading
It goes without saying that a salesperson’s job isn’t the easiest task in the world. After all, their ultimate goal is to generate revenue. Often that means reaching goals which at first can seem daunting or even almost impossible. For a salesperson to push through sales cycle after another, while staying engaged and motivated, theyContinue Reading
The productivity and efficiency of salespeople often ranks as a number one concern and improvement area within companies. Sales Enablement has come around to not only increase the productivity of salespeople, but also to improve the quality of their work. At the heart of Sales Enablement is content, so what makes marketing content Sales EnablementContinue Reading
The rumors of the salesperson’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Companies invest in supporting sales more than ever before and one of the biggest trends to emerge from the two-decade long CRM boom is Sales Enablement. With all the hype surrounding it and all its varied definitions, Sales Enablement has been transforming sales for yearsContinue Reading
  What is Emotional Value? Emotional Value, when referring to sales meetings and relationships, is all about how the client feels about the salesperson and their product or company. It’s all about being trustworthy, charismatic and interesting. Even in this time of impersonal electronic communication and big data, your client’s personal feelings about you areContinue Reading
I’ll state what should by now be the obvious: the key to selling value is realizing that your client is not interested in your product, but in the benefit it offers them.  Out of the companies we meet, many still reluctantly admit to practicing classic quantity-over-quality sales. Salespeople simply try to meet as many potential customers asContinue Reading
“Sales enablement is the delivery of the right information, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place necessary to move a specific sales opportunity forward.” – IDC Over the last few years we’ve met hundreds of marketing and sales execs at large companies. Most of them have reluctantly admited that theirContinue Reading
Along with a couple of friends, i ran a recurring pop-up restaurant as a hobby for a couple of years. It was a part of an international food festival called Restaurant Day that started in Helsinki. The idea of the festival is that four times a year anyone can start a restaurant anywhere they want for a day. WeContinue Reading
If you’re not familiar with the “draping” meme, it’s when a person replicates Don Draper’s iconic pose from the Mad Men title sequence. A photo session at the office lead into everyone donning Draper’s pose, which in turn lead into our graphic designer turning those shots into silhouettes, following the visual style of the originalContinue Reading