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The rumors of the salesperson’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Companies invest in supporting sales more than ever before and one of the biggest trends to emerge from the two-decade long CRM boom is Sales Enablement. With all the hype surrounding it and all its varied definitions, Sales Enablement has been transforming sales for yearsContinue Reading
Myynnin ala, aivan kuten kaikki muutkin alat tänä päivänä, muuttuu nopeasti ja jatkuvasti. Tämän ei pitäisi tulla yllätyksenä. Asiakkaiden tarpeet muuttuvat maailman mukana, eivätkä myyjieen toimintatavat aina pysy perässä. Jos toimintatapojen muutos voi tuoda parempia tuloksia, paras hetki muutokselle on nyt. Aina löytyy tekosyitä kehityksen jumittamiselle. Milloin odotetaan yhtiökokousta, milloin jonkun toisen loman päättymistä taiContinue Reading
The meeting is a crucial part of any business relationship and especially important in sales. In a sales meeting, the relationship is defined by three central values, which are the basis for the entire business relationship going forward. These three are the Emotional Value, Learning Value and Financial Value. This being the first part ofContinue Reading
I’ll state what should by now be the obvious: the key to selling value is realizing that your client is not interested in your product, but in the benefit it offers them.  Out of the companies we meet, many still reluctantly admit to practicing classic quantity-over-quality sales. Salespeople simply try to meet as many potential customers asContinue Reading
“Customers perceive that 70% of a brand’s value comes directly from a sales rep.” Since so much responsibility rests on the salesperson’s shoulders, how can we make sure those crucial meetings are successful? Each meeting is divided into three phases: preparation, the meeting and the follow up. Let’s go through these in order.  Preparation AccordingContinue Reading
I ended my last blog post by stating that customer experience in solution sales is made up by openness, honesty, reliability and competence. That it’s understanding your customers’ needs, coming up with the right solutions and being able to deliver those solutions. But what exactly does that mean? Harvard Business Review recently published a studyContinue Reading
“Sales enablement is the delivery of the right information, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place necessary to move a specific sales opportunity forward.” – IDC Over the last few years we’ve met hundreds of marketing and sales execs at large companies. Most of them have reluctantly admited that theirContinue Reading
As the business world and especially sales has transformed and sales meetings are fewer and further in between, they’re more important than ever. An informed client only takes meetings that they deem necessary and the cost of a meeting has skyrocketed as the time of both executives and salespeople has become more precious. To lookContinue Reading
As several different studies state in the wake of the digital revolution, many things have changed – including sales and especially processes for buying behaviour. Some years back it used to be enough for a sales rep to just pick up the phone, set up a meeting and prepare to present what they could offer. Today,Continue Reading
If you’re not familiar with the “draping” meme, it’s when a person replicates Don Draper’s iconic pose from the Mad Men title sequence. A photo session at the office lead into everyone donning Draper’s pose, which in turn lead into our graphic designer turning those shots into silhouettes, following the visual style of the originalContinue Reading