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We already have a CRM system like Salesforce.com, why do we need Salesframe?

Salesframe is not a CRM, it is a Sales Enablement platform. Salesframe is there to provide salespeople with the right content, tools and information in customer facing situations.

Salesframe combines perfectly with a variety of CRM systems speeding up your sales teams.

Salesframe can automatically generate meeting reports and content usage data.

We already manage our documents and content in their own system, can we link it with Salesframe?

Yes, of course you can! Salesframe is designed to be used by salespeople in client facing situations which means that presenting is just as important as finding and building presentations. Through our API you can link Salesframe to your existing document management and select which content is given to salespeople in the front line.

What kind of content can I share with Salesframe?

  • Salesframe supports a wide variety of different content such as:
    • Presentations
    • PowerPoint, PDF, HTML5
  • Images
  • Video
    • Embedded Youtube
    • Embedded Vimeo
    • Uploaded video files
  • HTML
    • Configurators
    • Calculators
    • Demos
    • Surveys
    • Etc.
  • Other files
    • Over 70 different types

What can I do with content in Salesframe?

Salesframe allows you to very easily collect content into presentations, from files and calculators to slides and videos. You can then present this content at any time and the content you have collected can be sent to customers along with your personal notes and feedback.

Salesframe Professional and Enterprise also provide admin users with analytics on content usage and performance.

What is the Salesframe Storyboard?

The Storyboard is your sales tool’s front page, which allows you to tell your company’s story in the best way you see fit. Most importantly it is an intuitive UI that helps salespeople find the content they need. Basically the Storyboard allows you to turn your company’s content into a story that your salespeople can tell to clients.

We’re more than happy to help you to find the best way to tell your story.

I want to customize our Salesframe sales tool, is it possible?

Salesframe can be customized by anyone to look like your brand through our easy to use Appearance -feature. If you feel up to the challange, it is also possible to go even further with custom CSS.

We also offer completely custom UI design in Salesframe Enterprise. Please contact us for more information.

I am a salesperson, how does Salesframe benefit me?

With Salesframe on your device, you can always be sure that you have the latest and greatest material available when you need it the most. With our Library, you can quickly build great presentations and wrap-up sales meetings in style using the memo feature.

Our sales teams are responsible for very different types of clients, can Salesframe support this?

Yes. Salesframe allows your reps to view and present your portfolio depending on what kind of customer they are facing.

For example, you can divide your tool based on customer segments and solutions relevant to those, allowing your reps to find the right content for the right situation.

What is Salesframe’s architecture?

Salesframe is SaaS application. There is both a web app version as well as apps for desktops and tablets.

Which browsers does Salesframe support?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE Edge offer the best usability.

Which operating systems does the Salesframe App support?

Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X and iOS.

Does Salesframe have an open API?

Yes, it sure does! If you’re interested in integrating with Salesframe, contact us for more details.

Can Salesframe be integrated with our CRM system?

Yes it can. Information such as sales meetings, content, account, and more can flow between the two. Please contact us for more information on our standard integrations as well as any custom requests you might have.

Can Salesframe be integration with our content management system?

Of course. If you like, you can continue using your current content management and integrate it with Salesframe to ensure salespeople have an easy to use interface from which to access that content. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use my company credentials with Salesframe (Single Sign On)?

Yes you can and if your organization does use SSO, we highly recommend it.

Can Salesframe provide data to our BI system?

Salesframe can be integrated with most BI systems through our API. We also provide our own analytics.